A surprising little museum in the Chateau de Panloup

A collection of roosters In August – while everyone (including me!) is away on vacation –’m posting a shorter article each week with a look at a specific destination or aspect of life in the deep heart of France.  This week:  a visit to the Chateau de Panloup.  Regular “feature-length” posts will resume in September. You’ll see images of roosters almost everywhere you go in France – the coq is one of the country’s most enduring symbols.  So it’s only mildly surprising to find a unique little museum dedicated to the subject in a little chateau in the Allier.  And this Gallinotheque (“Rooster Museum”) is not the only interesting thing about the Chateau de Panloup, in the town of Yzeure; […]

PICTURE OF THE WEEK: Eglise Saint-Austremoine at Issoire

Photo © 2016 Richard Alexander Photo © 2016 Richard Alexander One of the greatest pleasures of living in the center of France, for us, was the Romanesque architecture we found everywhere in the region.  This week’s picture features the Eglise Saint-Austremoine in Issoire — one of the five “major” basilicas in this style in the Auvergne.  (The others are Notre Dame du Port in Clermont-Ferrand, the basilica of Notre Dame in Orcines, the beautiful little church in the “high” section of St Nectaire, and the church in St Saturnin.)  Built around 1130 C.E., it’s named for the man who was Clermont’s first bishop back in the 3rd century C.E.  And like all of these exquisite structures, the Eglise Saint-Austremoine is […]

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