Clermont-Ferrand in Central France

Save Short Film If You Can! Clermont-Ferrand’s International Short Film Festival is Coming

Every winter, Clermont-Ferrand hosts “the second most important film festival in France” (after the well-known event in Cannes).  This February will bring the 29th edition of the International Short Film Festival, showcasing works from filmmakers around the world in addition to two thematic programs on the art of short film in Colombia and works of “black humor”.

La Jetee is home to the International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand

The 29th annual International Short Film Festival and 39th National Short Film Festival will be held from February 3rd to February 11th, 2017.   Ticket packages and information about hotels  are available on the Festival’s website.

Read more about this exceptional event in my article on , one of the best online sources for information about travel and culture in France.


Official poster for the 2017 International Short Film Festival by artist Riccardo Guasco; Photo © 2016, Riccardo Guasco

I’ll resume with new blog posts the first week in January.  For now, though, je vous souhaite des bonnes fêtes de Noel et du jour de l’an – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and those close to you!

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